While travelling Minnesota, or even before, I started thinking how different the society is that I live in in Germany and the one that I visited again after nearly 10 years. 
On the one hand there are obvious similarities like wealth or technological development.

Yet on the other hand there are severe differences which influence the life's of the people living there. 
Gun violence due to a liberal gun law and the 2nd amendment, a health system which makes it easy for pharmacutical companies to raise the prices for important meds but doesn't support the ones who need it the most. 
People living from paycheck to paycheck, not being able to start saving money for repairs, medical expenses or any other unexpected bills. 
Having multiple jobs but still living in fear of not being able to pay the next rent and getting evacuated from their homes. 
I know, that even in Germany there are many things to work on, people here struggle as well, but still we have a somehow functioning social and health system, so that we don't need to live in fear off losing everything at once. We have a state that provides for us, if we should be without work for a shorter or longer period of time. We don't have as many gun violence crimes because of gun laws controlling who is authorized to bear arms. 
So by walking by all these houses I wondered what stories are behind these walls.

So my question is:
What would you wish for, if you had the chance? 

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